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When Do You Get STAAR EOC Results?

Scores from the April and May STAAR End of Course exams will be available online on May 30. You will be able to access your child’s scores online using the instructions below. Scores WILL NOT be mailed home.

Printable Directions

1. Go to
a. You should now be on the Texas Assessment Data Portal.

2. If you have your student’s Unique Access Code from previous score reports, you can enter it, along with the student’s date of birth. After these are entered click the large circular blue “Go” button.
a. If you do NOT know your student’s Access Code, then click on the “Lookup Access Code” link
below the grey box on the screen.
b. Now you should be able to enter your student’s First Name, Social Security Number or State ID number, and Date of Birth. Then click the large blue “Go” button.
c. You should now see “Access Code Lookup Successful” in green as well as the 6-digit alpha numeric access code, and their Date of Birth. If you do, then click the large
blue “Go” button again to access their EOC results.

Once you successfully enter or look up the Unique Access code, the student’s test history should be displayed on the screen. Click on any test name to view the detailed results for your student.

Students that receive the performance level “Did Not Meet Grade Level” on any test will have an opportunity to receive tutoring this summer as well as retest. STAAR EOC tutorials will be offered the week of June 17-20. EOC testing will be held the week of June 24-27. Due to the renovation of Summit High School, EOC tutoring and testing will take place at Ben Barber. Parents will be notified by email IF their child needs to retest, and the email will have more details about tutorials and retesting.