Virtual Field Day 2021
virtual field day

Cabaniss Academy [MISSION POSSIBLE] FIELD DAY 2021 

We are very excited to announce a virtual Field Day event via the GooseChase app!  More info about the app and how to play coming soon. What you need to know today-Plan to have lots of fun with your family!!

Start- Wednesday April 21st at 3:30pm  End- Thursday April 22nd at 7pm [Missions]

The field day (2-day evening) event is a scavenger type game  with a focus on movement, creativity, and PE/health related knowledge and skills.

 *Note- Directions will be coming home with your student. Students will need assistance to take pictures and videos of themselves doing the activities.


Example missions to complete

Thumb War Challenge: a family member to a thumb war and take a photo or video of the action (400 points)
Safety First:  Snap a picture of you wearing at least 2 items of personal protective equipment. Example- helmet, knee pads, sunglasses, etc. (500 points)
8Need for Speed: Engage in a footrace with a family member for at least 20 yards. (600 points)