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Librarians save lives: by handing the right book, at the right time, to a kid in need. —Judy Blume

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Mrs. Jones, Librarian
Office number is 817-299-6489
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You can use Destiny Discover to search for books that are available for check-out from our school library. Have fun exploring the library's collection to assist you in finding a new book to read and discover. Here are the steps on how to access our library catalog:

Destiny Discover Online Library Catalog
  1. Click on Destiny Discover
  2. Username = student state ID number (lunch number)
  3. Password = last name (all lowercase)
  4. Click submit
  5. Have fun searching!!!

Library Information and Book Check Out

When the children come to the library, the grades K - 2 can usually check out one book.  As the year advances, this number will be upped to two books for the 2nd grade.  Our 3rd and 4th graders are allowed two books each checkout time.  They are encouraged to check out one fiction book and one information book, although this "rule" is flexible.

The students know their library rules about book care, how to pick just the right book, and how to hold a book and turn the pages correctly in order to extend their shelf life. “A book is a gift you can open again and again.” Garrison Keillor

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